Friday, September 24, 2010

4 days

Hello peeps! Wazzaaaa.. j/k. You'll probably notice that I'm not being myself today.. Or maybe you won't, in either case I got very very sick, I felt like I was gonna die, literally, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't sleep.. Oh yeah, I got a miserable cold.. that's IT! And now I don't take colds for granted anymore! Ok, so I got sick on Monday, thats 4 days ago and since then I haven't had a single cigarette! That's like BIG NEWS, those who know me know very well that I'm a chain smoker and this is the first time in 4 years that I've spent more than 1 day without a smoke..Yes im super excited and everything, but MAN IS THIS HARD! I already feel my heartbeats going faster, then slower then faster.. my head is gonna explode.. Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm not breathing a normal air, I have this weird craving for acids and candy.. 

When I'm at home one of the things that I really enjoy doing is playing PS3 or Xbox 360, specifically Call of Duty, that's like my all-time favorite game, I have the entire collection! I usually spend hours playing it.. ok today I didn't last for more than 2 hours! that's absurd.. and it's all because I got stressed out and I really needed a cigarette.. It's like the worst feeling ever.. I don't even know how to describe it... It got so intense that I had to stop playing and come up to my room and try to sleep.. obviously I couldn't sleep. So I found this article on the web and it's quite interesting, I wanna share it with you guys, I'm including notes after each step

The First 30 Days: Quit Smoking!

1. Plan ahead.

Choose a date to stop smoking, giving yourself enough time to create a plan and to elicit advice from other people who’ve quit. Then, write in a journal how often you smoke and under what circumstances — once you’re aware of your triggers, you can come up with strategies to overcome them.

- I didn't planned ahead, it just happened.. I've tried a million time to quit smoking by setting a date, DOESN'T WORK! 

2. Pick your method.

No single approach works for everyone, and you may need to try a few strategies at once to attack the problem from different angles. Make sure you address both your physical dependence on nicotine as well as your emotional triggers (stress, anger, boredom). Log on to to research your options.

- My problem with tobacco is emotional, whenever I feel stressed I smoke, whenever I feel tired I smoke, whenever I feel... WHATEVER.. so it's way more difficult because in my case cigarette's do fill an empty gap, I'm still thinking with what I'm gonna fill it :s

3. Create new routines.

Since smoking is a part of your day, you’ll need to form new habits. Chew gum instead of taking a drag after lunch, or play a computer game in place of your cigarette break. Avoid situations associated with lighting up — go to smoke-free restaurants, and if you puff away in your car, have it detailed to get rid of the smell.

4. Get support.

You are the only one who can make yourself stop smoking, but surrounding yourself with friends, family, and fellow quitters can help you get through tough days. Pick someone who really wants you to kick the habit and make him or her your go-to person when a craving hits. Or call 800-QUIT-NOW to talk to a quit coach in your area.

- Of course it is easier when nobody around you smokes.. in my case EVERYBODY around me smoke! let's see how that goes for me..

5. Think positive.

Know that each day you get through without smoking is an accomplishment. Keep yourself inspired to stick with it by reminding yourself that your reasons for quitting (more on that below) are bigger than your cravings — and that you’re capable and strong enough to make this a lasting life change

-Yeah, I always tell to myself 'I am the master of my own feeling and cravings, nothing else can control except myself.." it does work..

That's it, just wanted to share with you guys what I'm going through.. and pleasee help me quit smoking! Til next time!

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