Friday, August 13, 2010

Huh? Did you just say Love?

Ok so how common it is when everybody notices that YOU'RE in love except, well.. YOURSELF! Damn! it happens to me ALL THE TIME, specially now, I don't know why I can't see it, maybe I love to live in denial, love? No, really, LOVE?? Uh.. no.. not for me thanks!

See, i'm not saying that I haven't tried it, I mean, that's exactly why I'm in denial, 'cause I've been there, but this is the 1st time that I ended up broken up and shattered, and I seriously don't think that it has anything to do with karma, I mean, we've all been in relationships were its all sunshine and butterflies at the beginning, but it gets all dark and unsatisfying, and SUFFOCATING, and messed up! I bet everybody have been through that, and as soon as you get out of that crazy, non-healthy relationship you get into another one.. And it's the same thing all over again!
All of a sudden you catch a glimpse of sunshine when you see her, or him, and YOU KNOW.. SHIT SHE'S HOT! The first impression is the most important one 'cause that's the one that's gonna help you decide whether to make an approach or not, let's say you decide to walk up to her (or him) and you get all nervous and clumsy, don't you think to yourself "damn, it's been a LONG TIME since the last time I felt this way! It's AWESOME! (even though she's sooo totally laughing at me right now because of my stutter, my clumsiness and God forbid she noticed my sweaty hands!)"? Well, look at the bright side, if she noticed then she's gonna think "Awee HOW CUTE!" or "She's so weird! I think i'm scared, I better run a few blocks 'till i'm somewhere safe!" If your case is option A, well you did it! ASK HER OUT, if it's option B, if you really like her,pray to God you'll see her again soon and act normal, or come with an excuse like "I'm sorry, i'm waaaaaasted!" 

Anyway.. yeah.. that excuse always work, but you have to be charming, and very, VERY charismatic, not in a creepy way though! Ok so let's say you guys start talking and then you exchange numbers! Congratulations, you're less than half there! :D YES! you should be happy! Probably the only accomplishment you have made in you WHOLE PATHETIC LIFE! So be proud! A day goes by and you call her, you go out, well of course you're nervous, make sure to change your shirt if you sweat it all over before you even get out of the house! So, you go pick her up, or you meet here somewhere and as it turns out SHE'S NOT ONLY HOT! SHE'S WONDERFUL, talented, intelligent, has a fashion sense, and everything you like! So basically, at first instance, she's PERFECT! She's the one I wanna be with!- Some people don't get that feeling the first date, but I certainly do -  Later on if it all goes well, everything gets a little bit sexier, and sexier, and SEXIER! So yeah, you basically end up in the bedroom and you say it again, SHE'S PERFECT, I want more of her! So, what i'm saying is: At this point, if everything you've read in this note have happened to you then you're SCREWED! 

Yeah, 'cause you may be feeling all this but how do you know for sure that she feels that way too, she could be saying nice things to you just to get more passionate, one can NEVER KNOW until you get way in TOO DEEP! And then it is too late to get out and you'll be hangin' for her for a loooong time, even though she doesn't want anything else to do with you but just plain sex! Or a summer lovin' story! Or something to brag about with her friends like: "OMG you guys! I went to Monterrey this summer and I hooked up with the prettiest girl!" But that's it, no emotional feelings involved. This is sort of my most recent love story, It didn't happen that way exactly but sure I ended up like the little guy with the rope around his neck :p.. Yeah, in case YOU haven't noticed, i'm VERY dramatic! So in the meanwhile, I still want her! It's been 2 months and I dont want anyone else! So right now, love is not on my side! 

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