Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to seduce a Gemini woman

Heyo fellow bloggers, I found this on the web, and since im a gemini I decided to share it with yaaaa -- enjoy
So you have your eyes set on a Gemini woman… why? Is it her child like curiosity and her lust for life? She is always on the go, looking for new things and learning what makes them tick. She wants to experience everything and anything. She loves to roll the dice and see how they fall. If you think you can keep up and allow her the freedom that an air sign needs then the Gemini woman is for you. I for one, hope you are limber.
The Gemini woman is vibrant and exciting but easily bored. She is always looking for something new and favors variety in everything. She probably has multiple interests but none will hold her attention for very long. Her mental complexity is however sometimes misinterpreted as being ambiguous or shallow but she is deep thinking. Though she thinks too much, her downfall is that she feels too little. For as many downfalls this gives it also has it perks. Your Gemini is never overly emotional or draining. She will not move to control you and will always give you space.
Charming and clever she will be a straightforward and flexible lover. She’s light and has a personality many find appealing. She is not the easiest sign in the zodiac to seduce though. The twin nature of the Gemini woman is always prominent. One second she could be all for whatever and whomever and the next, she doesn’t want to be bothered. To seduce her you need to think outside of the box. Rethink your entire approach and adjust your skills of persuasion. She will see through any half-hearted or shallow attempt to win her favor. If she does she see through you she will laugh wholeheartedly in your face and at your failure.
Though she is one for games, a Gemini woman doesn’t play with her own heart. When you move to seduce, turn your focus onto her intellect. This is her core; it is what makes her both strong and beautiful. A seduction strategy based on her intellect will draw in your female Gemini like a moth to a flame. She is very friendly and talkative by nature. This allows her to be able to get inside other people’s heads as they talk about almost anything. Since they are fast talkers and even faster thinkers, your initial conversation will be the key.
Within your initial conversation, be direct towards her intellect but be a bit detached and mysterious with yourself. More than likely she is doing the same. Here is the perfect opportunity for a little tit for tat. Give as much as she gives, hide whatever she hides. The game of chase or hide and seek are games she loves to play with potential suitors. She may be toying with you long enough to size you up and see if you are really for her. To spark her interest you need to make your mystery fun and approachable. She needs to WANT to get to know you. Get her to want you and you will get your date.
Your date doesn’t have to be planned ahead. Of course set up the time but the place can be played by ear. How does the day look? If the weather is good take her for a walk in park first and then make plans for dining. If the weather is bad maybe suggest a movie and pizza at home. Her impulsive nature will applaud yours and make her feel understood. Also on this date, find ways to compliment her. Gemini love recognition for the little things. Characteristically intelligent women like her and like the Taurus and Aries before her, need to be reminded how great they really are. They are too busy thinking and then executing, to appreciate their abilities.
Remember when I said earlier how I hope you are limber? This is why: a Gemini woman likes sex just like her personality — unpredictable and immediate. Change it up and give more bucks for the bang. Varied locations, positions even games of role-play will keep her happy and keep her with you. One thing to keep in mind is that she has a good imagination. Sometimes she enjoys the theory more than the practice. You will get far with an unexpected text or a comment low in her ear telling her how much you want to do something to her. Sharing the thought, in detail, that you want to pin her against the wall and have your way with her will gain you a hell of a lot of brownie points.
Now fair warning, many may say that Gemini women are not faithful. They are and can be so long as their partner can keep up with their changing interests. Fair warning aside, to keep your Gemini you may need a few tricks up your sleeve. For one, yes keep up with their ever changing array of interests. Secondly, let her uncover your soul. She likes puzzles and wants to figure you out for herself. Never give it all up at once, let her uncover as you go. Next, keep up on your own interests. This gives her something new to share with you and something new to learn. Just like when you seduced her, always think of maintaining a relationship with your Gemini woman on an intellectual basis.
As one of the most flexible and sexual signs in astrology, the patient and considerate seduction of a Gemini is well worth the wait. You have a woman in your midst that is free and caring. She is always quick to make fun of a bad situation and will even later fix it. Your Gemini woman is naturally fascinating with a diverse knowledge. She is as simple as rain yet as complex as a labyrinth. She will leave your head spinning and your area below the belt screaming for more. She makes your life interesting and you will wonder how you ever got along without her before. Try to keep up with her. She will take you on an amazing adventure


  1. absolutely right!!! i m a gemini n i know it pretty well...

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  2. Replies
    1. You got that right! the woman of my dreams is a gemini. I have never been alive until I met Ana. An endless adventure of flirting and passion. My gift from God :)

  3. Hi, Nice Article....... I have a Gemini friend who is a Girl.... I just wonder how would a Leo (myself) be with her??

    1. Hi! Well, 2 of my exes are Leo's so, a Leo and a Gemini get along pretty well, sexually too! Just be yourself, don't try too hard ('cause we hate that), but really being yourself is THE KEY! There's no other way to conquer a gemini. Also politeness and cuteness count, good luck, pal!

  4. You already know. So, if you really want to know how to seduce a woman, one of the core things that you need to learn how to do is to... get her in the mood. And you also have to know how to get yourself in the "zone" so that you are more likely to turn her on.

  5. im scorpio man and its 12th anniversary, i love my gemini wife sometimes she makes me feel very odd, i cant handle her bad mood without any reason and still wondering how to make her happy

  6. Quite brief but still many things are missing, yep Gemini's are complicated and difficult to predict and that's the beauty of it no??

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