Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Alright peeps, my best friend just blogged some reviews about 2 movies, he actually "stole" my original idea for my first February blog.. but I didnt do it because I was feeling -well I still am- lost in love and desire, sooo I decided to blog this to take my mind off things and just concentrate on the art of the movies :)

Today I saw this movie called Afterlife, starring: Christina Ricci, Liam Neeson, and Justin Long. What can I say about it, it jut left me like this - :O, literally. I can't decide wether it is a good movie or not, because I didn't understand half of it.. and its not just me I mean, 2 friends that have seen it say the same, what I can say is that I enjoyed it and it glued me to the TV for an hour and a half. Great actors, loooved the makeup, the photography, the story line is good.. and oh well... what can I say.. I could swear that the point of making that movie was to showoff Christina's nice, cute breasts!! All in all it is entertaining, if you're in the mood for a psychological thriller go rent it!

 It kindof reminded me a little of this movie called "I Know Who Killed Me" starring Lindsay Lohan.. but that one's just BAD! The very definition of a baaaaad, confusing movie! I dont recommend it at all! Just to make sure you dont get confused Im gonna share with you the poster.. no, really! Bad acting, bad story, lightning, directing, photography.. there's nothing good about this movie. oh well, except the fact that Lindsay Lohan is freaking beautiful..

The one movie that really, truly disappointed me is Burlesque! Oh yes, I saw it 2 days ago and, really, I highly recommend the soundtrack, I just love it.. aaand the musical numbers, just open youtube and search for them, but the movie NEVER! Like, for one, is the most unnoriginal movie I've ever seen, I've heard that it was the directors idea to make of Burlesque a tribute to all the jazz/cabaret musicals throughout time.. and I can live with that, but I just dont see the point in mixing 3 great, historical, and classic movies storylines buuut making an original soundtrack.. I felt mocked, and insulted when I was watching it.. like.. forreals people! I spotted 2 Moulin Rouge scenes, like 4 or 5 Chicago scenes (even in the music beats so jazzy, and the Fosse hands!! Never copy -or try to copy- Fosse!), like really I saw both Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart in Christina Aguilera, like 3 scenes from Cabaret including Mein Herr, Two Ladies, and Maybe This Time.. I even caught an essence of Coyote Ugly in it! Anyway.. it is boring, bad photography, bad acting, boring story and it is just TOO DAMN LONG! I couldnt see the end of it.. really! I fell asleep and I thought I was going to die in there!! So, basically, I dont recommend it, at all! I expected a lot more of Christina and Cher.. I own the soundtrack and I just love it, too bad the director didnt know how to handle this.. really, if you're willing to make something with this level of risk and difficulty, at least do it right!

The other movie I recently watched is Brothers, starring: Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire, and Jake Gyllenhaal, what can I say about this movie.. first of all Natalie Portman is AWESOME, she looks beautiful as a blonde, and, well.. I have followed her acting career, and she's a greeeeat actress. I personally love war movies, and this one shows you an insight on how war can affect people for good, it is intense, thrilling, funny, sad.. it has all the ingredients to blow your mind off and keep you interested through the WHOLE movie. It shows you all sides of life and what really is important: love, family, and peace of mind to keep these 2 factors working, I highly recommend it! It is mainly drama, if you haven't seen it dont wait any longer and SEE IT NOW!!

And last, but not at all least, FOSSE! No, not All That Jazz.. Fosse is a musical tribute to this great, genius man named Robert Fosse, a hero to many, including me.. If you're into jazz, musicals, dancing, blues and that sort of suff DO watch it, it includes awesome numbers from Chicago, The Pajama Game, Cabaret, Sweet Charity, Dancin.. to name a few! It just blew my mind, and I couldnt take my eyes off of the TV.. amazing dancing numbers, and a great source to learn more about this great man's dancing technique and music master! Check out Dana Moore in various musical numbers, including Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag. She now gives classes throughout the world, shes freaking amazing!

Don't miss today's review, 'cause I'm going to watch Black Swan! Oh yes, I'm so very excited, and I'm sure that Mrs. Portman won't let me down :O :D plus I wanna talk about this psychological thriller called The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but yes, Ill leave it for later :D

Thats it for now my beauiful people :) have a good February 1st :D


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