Monday, February 7, 2011

just writing away

hii peeps.. Im very happy 'cause my blog stats are growing each day... I think, maybe, the videos have something to do with it.. anyway, my computer broke -.- worst timing ever, im writing from a mac.. i personally dont like mac's but i settle.. so how have you been doin? are you likin' my videos? I hope so.. I'm gonna keep it up, I'm really enjoying it.. but I also enjoy to write so this is not dead.. yet. hahah

Ok so last week I went to see Black Swan.. it blew my mind, like, I don't know what else to say about it. it is thrilling, exciting, funny, beautiful, interesting.. there's not a single thing missing on this movie! it has it all, when its over it leaves you like :O this.. oh wow. Natalie Portman looks mind blowingly beautiful, also Mila Kunis.. piece of advice.. if you're horny and you don't have a sex partner.. DON'T watch it, like DON'T.. I'm still suffering the consequences hahaha so sad. I don't wanna get much into it, 'cause if you haven't seen it I dont wanna ruin it for you. The soundtrack is amazing also! the picture, directing, music, dancing, grfedsapwbwei EVERYTHING!

Yesterday I saw The Girl Who Played With Fire, which is the second part of the movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.. very interesting and strong movies.. I didn't finish the second one though.. I was too tired and I fell asleep, but Im getting on it just about now.. I gotta say though, what I did watch, made the 1st part much more understandable, everything is making sense now.. watch those movies, I recommend them a lot too..

My brother is getting here any minute now so I have to go, I hope that my computer gets fixed soon so I can webcast to you lovely people :) mail me you questions, comments, whatever at


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