Thursday, January 20, 2011

No idea how..

Hey peeps! whoa, it's been a very busy week, with rehearsals, activities, directing, play writing.. I barely have time to breathe, but oh how happy I am, really, if you could see me right now you'd be like.. did the sunshine fall on your head? hahaha anyway, I'm proud, and VERY happy to announce you that I am really in love this time, like forreals.. Gosh, I dont know what he did to me.. this guy is something else.. oh yeah.. I don't like girls anymore.. he's tall, strong, he loves to dance, sing and act.. he's perfect for me, and he likes me back!! that's the best part, so I dont know.. we've had marriage conversations, probably next year we'll get married and in 2013, God bless us all, have our first child :) 

... I'm really hoping you didn't fall for that straight girl fairytale bullshit.. Not coming from me.. hahahaha no but really.. I am in love.. YES, with the same girl.. the same girl who loves ballet, has the smarts, loves musical theatre and is simply.. perfect.. she's amazing, like wholly.. we've had our problems but somehow we always go back to being the same as we were before. I'm not sure if we're dating still but I treat her like my little unique and precious diamond, God, if only I could see her outside as often as I'd like and treat her like my one and only lover.. ok im gonna stop now hahah.

I'm gonna stop now 'cause I dont even have strength to keep writing.. Im exhausted!!!


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